The Story of Code Geass

Season 1 


The Day a New Demon Was Born
Seven years passed since Japan lost the war against the Britannia Empire and became its territory. The country name was stripped away and renamed to Area 11.

Lelouch was spending an inactive life while attending the school for Britannians, the Ashford Academy. The tragic incidents he experienced during war made him resent Britannia, but he couldn’t do anything about it. All he could do was beat Britannians in chess to release his anger.

One day Lelouch is involved in a battle between terrorists and the Britannian Forces. Taken to the underground area of Shinjuku Ghetto, he meets his old friend Suzaku Kururugi. Although Suzaku is an Eleven, he has joined the Britannian Forces as an Honorary Britannian. The two enjoy their reunion, but tragedy comes with the appearance of a girl. Suzaku is shot by the Britannian Forces when he tries to protect the girl and Lelouch. As Lelouch is devastated over the death of his friend, the girl gives Lelouch a power. That power was the ability to manipulate people as he pleases.

The White Knight Awakens
Among the battle at Shinjuku Ghetto was Kallen, a student at Ashford Academy. Lelouch maneuvers the terrorists so they could escape the Britannian Forces. He uses the power he obtained from the mysterious girl and steals a Knightmare from Villetta, a Britannian soldier. He pilots the Knightmare and moves the terrorists as if they were chess pieces. It was his first battle, but Lelouch was certain he could win.

But an unknown Knightmare Frame stands in his way. It was Lancelot, a new weapon developed by the Britannian Forces. Highly skilled in combat, Lancelot fights against Lelouch’s Knightmare. Lancelot is piloted by none other than Suzaku, but the old friends do not know they are fighting against each other. Will Lelouch be able to escape?

The False Classmate
Lelouch faces the third prince of Britannia, Clovis. The two are stepbrothers. Lelouch’s past is revealed—Lelouch is formerly the eleventh prince of Britannia Empire. When he was in court, his mother was assassinated. He lost his place and was sent to live in Japan with his little sister Nunnally, who lost her sight and mobility during the incident.

Lelouch uses his newly obtained power, the Geass, to interrogate Clovis about the persons responsible for his mother’s death. And then he points his gun to his blood brother.

Back at Ashford Academy, life went on peacefully as if nothing happened at Shinjuku Ghetto. Lelouch faces Kallen, one of the members of the terrorist group. Kallen is suspicious that the voice that ordered them at Shinjuku Ghetto belongs to Lelouch. Both are cautious of each other finding out about their secret identities. That is when the death of Prince Clovis is announced, and the suspect shown on TV was Suzaku Kururugi.

His Name is Zero
Kallen meets the mysterious man who saved her and her group at Shinjuku Ghetto. She doesn’t realize that this man who calls himself Zero is her classmate Lelouch. As Zero, Lelouch tells Kallen that terrorism would not change the world. If she really wants to change the world, she needs to start a war. And he states that he will show her his power to make the impossible possible.

Arrested with charges of assassinating Clovis, Suzaku was heading to military court, with hundreds of Britannians observing from the roadside. Zero claims that he will save Suzaku. Kallen and her group are in doubt, but agree to help anyway. Zero appears in front of the jeep that carries Suzaku, and states that he was the one who killed Clovis. And he succeeds in manipulating Jeremiah with his newly obtained power. However, Suzaku refuses Zero’s help and continues to head to court.

The Princess and the Witch
Zero showed himself to the Britannia Empire to save Suzaku. There, he claimed that he was the one to blame for Clovis’ death. The incident spread his name throughout Area 11, and the Britannian Forces start to move to find and capture Zero.

At the academy, Lelouch returns to his room at the clubhouse and is welcomed by his sister Nunnally and C.C.. C.C. was the girl who gave Lelouch the mysterious power of Geass. Lelouch is flustered by C.C.’s appearance, and even more so when she decides to stay with him. Meanwhile, Suzaku is released because of lack of evidence and meets a girl named Euphie. Although they’ve just met, Euphie asks Suzaku to show her Area 11. The two head to Shinjuku Ghetto, just when a battle between the purists of Britannian Forces erupts. Suzaku rushes in the middle of it, despite the danger. But it was Euphie who stopped the battle — it turns out that she is the third princess of Britannia Empire.

The Stolen Mask
Suzaku Kururugi transfers to Ashford Academy. There he is reunited with Lelouch as a classmate. But the other Britannian classmates do not welcome Suzaku, for he is an Eleven and the former prime suspect for the murder of Prince Clovis.

During that time, something dangerous happens to Lelouch. His mask of Zero was stolen! He chases after the culprit in fear of his secret identity being revealed. Milly and the members of the student council order the entire student body to look for the thief as well. The reward is a kiss from any student council member of your choice! Among the commotion, Lelouch continues to hunt down the thief. Who was it that stole his mask?

Attack Cornelia
Cornelia decides to clean up the terrorists who hide in Saitama Ghetto. Her real objective is to create a situation similar to the Shinjuku incident and lure Zero to come. Even though Lelouch knows of Cornelia’s trap, he heads to Saitama Ghetto as Zero. He obtains an enemy Sutherland using his Geass and gives instructions to the terrorists to attack the Britannian Forces and force them to retreat. However, everything was part of Cornelia’s plan. She was able to read Lelouch’s strategy and crushed the terrorist units with her loyal subordinates. Even in a bind, Lelouch continues to give instructions to the terrorists. However, to the terrorists who do not trust Zero completely, the instructions were futile. Lelouch, finally trapped, has no other choice but to surrender...

The Black Knights
Devastated by the power of organization Cornelia showed him in the last battle, Lelouch leads Kallen and her group to form the “Black Knights.” At the same time, the largest anti-Britannia organization in Japan, the Japan Liberaton Front, was taking hostages at a hotel by the lake. Among the hostages were members from the Ashford Academy student council and the third princess of Britannia Empire, Euphemia. Cornelia and the Britannian Forces plan a rescue mission, but cannot act because they are worried about Euphemia’s safety.

Lelouch comes forward as Zero and tells Cornelia that he will save Euphemia. Even if that means that he will fight against Elevens, he claims that the Black Knights are allies of the weak and “work for justice.” But when Lelouch faces Euphemia in the hotel, he points his gun at her. That is when Suzaku’s Lancelot charges in.

As Lelouch claimed, the Black Knights continue to operate as allies of the weak. They find more members and the organization grows. But Suzaku criticizes the action of the Black Knights as self-righteousness. He insists that they should not use power to attack the system from the outside, but to change the structure from the inside. Suzaku, who is an Eleven but affiliated with the Britannian Forces and Lelouch, who is a Britannian but vows to crush Britannia, has opposite visions.

Kallen is half Britannian and half Eleven, but her complicated family situation made her resent Britannia. She feels a pang of doubt towards the unidentified Zero, but also feels that he is necessary to change the world.

The Black Knights take on a new mission, to stop the illicit sales of a drug called “Refrain” that is popular among the Elevens. At the site, Kallen sees a person she knows.

Guren Dances
A Britannian applies to join the Black Knights. His name is Diethard Ried, a TV producer. The members of the Black Knights think he is a spy for Britannia, but Lelouch uses the information Diethard brings and heads to the Narita mountains. According to the information, Cornelia is about to attack Narita where it is believed the headquarters of the Japan Liberation Front is located. Is it Diethard’s trap, or could he be for real?

Lelouch uses his Geass to infiltrate the Britannian Forces’ watch-house and is successful in manipulating information. Futhermore, he inspires the Black Knights who are terrified of fighting Cornelia by saying he would create a miracle. The Japan Liberation Front is crushed one by one by Cornelia’s troops. During that time Lieutenant-General Tohdoh, known as the Japanese soldier of miracle, prepares for battle too. Lelouch launches the first Japanese Knightmare, the Guren Mk-II

Battle for Narita
Zero and the Black Knights were able to isolate Cornelia and her unit. Tohdoh launches his unit according to Zero’s plans. Zero was finally able to surround Cornelia, and orders her to surrender. But Cornelia refuses to throw away her pride as princess and is willing to fight until death. That’s when Suzaku’s Lancelot appears and changes the turn of events. The Black Knights have no other choice but to retreat. Lancelot chases after them to capture Zero. He succeeds without knowing that it is Lelouch under the mask. Just as Zero is about to be caught, C.C. appears and uses her mysterious powers to stop Suzaku. C.C.’s powers penetrate Suzaku’s brain and countless images of horror go through his head. Lelouch touches C.C. and is also able to see inside of Suzaku’s brain. Inside his mind, Suzaku was facing his late father...

The Messenger from Kyoto
Shirley is flustered about the relationship between Lelouch and Kallen. She gathers up her courage to ask Lelouch out on a date.

During that time, Kyoto, the organization who controls the terrorists behind the scenes, was requesting to meet the Black Knights in person. Lelouch decides to turn down Shirley to go see Kyoto. The representative of Kyoto orders Zero to show his face, even though he doesn’t show his own. But the other members of the Black Knights wanted to see Zero’s face too. Unperturbed, Lelouch takes off his mask. Lelouch already knew who the representative of Kyoto was. His name is Kirihara, a man who knows Lelouch and his background.

Meanwhile, Shirley is waiting for Lelouch. Lelouch is surprised to see her long after their appointment. Shirley just came back from Narita where she identified her father’s body. Lelouch comforts Shirley in the rain...

Shirley at Gunpoint
The casualties from the Narita Battle was great and included civilians. The fact that Shirley’s father was one of them pains Lelouch and Kallen. But Lelouch reasons with Kallen that because there are sacrifices they must go on. This was what Lelouch wanted to tell himself.

Lelouch obtains information from Diethard about Cornelia’s next move and attacks. There, he is forced to battle Suzaku’s Lancelot one-on-one. But he is distracted by Shirley’s existence in the battlefield and takes a fall. Shirley was there because Villetta had told her that Lelouch was involved with the Black Knights. In order to avenge her father, she points a gun toward Zero.

Geass vs Geass
Lelouch had lost consciousness in the last battle. When he comes to, he finds that his gun is gone and there is blood on the floor. He is suspicious that Shirley found out his secret identity. He follows her to Narita with C.C.. C.C. asks what he plans to do if Shirley did know, but Lelouch doesn’t have an answer.

In Narita, Shirley meets a mysterious man named Mao. He seems to know what Shirley is thinking. He even knew that she had shot someone to protect Lelouch.

Mao is a Geass user. Shirley, manipulated by Mao, decides to kill Lelouch and herself to pay for the sins they’ve committed.

Against a Geass user who could read his mind, there was nothing Lelouch could do. Just then, C.C. comes to his aid and faces the man she gave the power to. Meanwhile, Lelouch decides to say goodbye forever to Shirley.

Cheering Mao
Everything is the same at Ashford Academy, except for the fact that Shirley lost her memory.

Mao is back to taunt Lelouch. Mao is a Geass user who accepted C.C.’s power a long time ago, but failed to fulfill her wishes and now his power is amplifying. Lelouch criticizes C.C. for giving power without taking responsibility. But C.C. responds by saying that she will break her contract with Lelouch and go back to Mao.

C.C., instructed to show up at a theme park, faces Mao alone. C.C. knew that Mao’s objective was to get her back. And to take responsibility, she points her gun at Mao. But she can’t pull the trigger.

Meanwhile, Lelouch figures out a way to defeat Mao. How do you use your head to win against someone who can read every move you come up with?

Nunnally Held Hostage
While Lelouch was gone, Nunnally was kidnapped. It was Mao. He had escaped from the police to have revenge on Lelouch. Mao uses Nunnally’s life as a prize of a game and challenges Lelouch. The time limit is 5 hours. But Lelouch doesn’t even know where Nunnally and Mao are.

Suzaku finds out about the kidnapping, and tries to help Lelouch. Both think hard to come up with a plan, but Mao can read their thoughts as long as he is within 1/3 of a mile. They figure out that he must be within that range, and find Nunnally. However, a bomb had been set, about to detonate the instant someone moves it. Lelouch faces Mao and admits defeat, but that was part of his genius strategy. Mao is caught once again, and in the process he leaks a secret Suzaku has been hiding.

After Lelouch finds out about Suzaku’s bloody past, he relates to him because he also killed his own brother. Around that time the Shiseiken members seek the help of the Black Knights. They need help rescuing Tohdoh, who had been caught by the Britannian Forces. Lelouch promises them that he would get Tohdoh back, and heads to the Chofu military base with the Black Knights.

They attack using their new and improved Knightmare Frames, the GEKKA. It had been improved with the help of Rakshata, an engineer who had recently joined the Black Knights. They break through the Britannian Forces and succeed in rescuing Tohdoh. Just then, Lancelot shows up. Lelouch, who had figured out Lancelot’s moves, is finally able to run Lancelot down. But he finds out that Suzaku has been piloting Lancelot all along, and cannot strike the final blow. Euphemia, who has been watching the battle, orders Suzaku to become her knight.

I Order you, Suzaku Kururugi
The Britannians are agitated because Euphemia appointed Suzaku Kururugi as her knight. They can’t hide the doubt that an Eleven was protecting the princess.

Among the Black Knights, Diethard suggests to assassinate Suzaku. He is worried that Suzaku may become an icon of hope and dreams for the Elevens. But Lelouch refuses to do so. He would rather capture him in battle, fair and square.

The Black Knights get information that Euphemia headed to Shikine Island and plans to launch a surprise attack there. Lancelot tries to save Euphemia, but is caught in a trap that stops the movement of Knightmares. Lelouch demands Suzaku to surrender. But Suzaku is willing to die if he could take Zero with him. Both sides won’t give up, and that is when the Avalon, a Britannian battleship, appears above them.

Island of the Gods
Suzaku wakes up on Kamine Island, an island a little distance from Shikine Island. There, he bumps into Kallen and finds out her involvement with the Black Knights. Kallen charges at Suzaku. But Suzaku tries to convince her to get out by revealing the crime he committed in the past.

Meanwhile, Lelouch had also washed up on the island and encounters Euphemia. Although he has his mask on, Euphemia points out that she knows it is Lelouch. They spend a brief moment spending time together as old friends, forgetting their status.

On the same island in a cave, Schneizel and his unit were pursuing a research. Both Lelouch and Suzaku are drawn to the area of Schneizel’s investigation and run into each other. Lelouch tries to escape by taking Euphemia hostage, but is swallowed up in the crushing cave. He manages to escape with Kallen by stealing Britannian Forces’ newest Knightmare, the Gawain.

Battle at Kyushu
Overnight, a man seizes control of the Fukuoka military base and declares the launch of the independent state of “Japan.” The man is Atsushi Sawazaki, a member of the former Kururugi regime. Backing Sawazaki is the Chinese Federation. Zero criticizes Sawazaki’s action claiming that it would only be a puppet government controlled by a foreign country. The Black Knights claim that they will launch a true independent state in Tokyo.

Meanwhile, Suzaku, who was in custody of the Britannian Forces for his defiance at Shikine Island, tells Euphemia that he resigns his knighthood. It was so he wouldn’t cause Euphemia any more trouble.

Suzaku is released because Lancelot is needed to annihilate the Sawazaki group. Although his energy filler runs out, he still refuses to stop fighting. During the battle, Euphemia tells him her true feelings.

The Black Knights were also heading to Kyushu to stop the Sawazaki group. Zero and Suzaku collaborate to fight against a common enemy!

The School Festival Declaration
While the world was buzzing about the news of the breakdown of the Sawazaki regime, Ashford Academy was arranging for the academy festival.

The students, including the student council members are hyped up, as if to blow away their anxiety about the political situation. But Euphemia’s participation in the festival creates a new commotion.

Bloodstained Euphy
Upon Euphemia’s suggestion, the Specially Administrated Zone was approved. The Elevens are happy and surprised. Zero arrives at the celebration on his Gawain. And he faces Euphie both as Zero and as her older brother. That is when the tragedy happened!

At Least with Sorrow
The exhibition site is filled with horror. The Black Knights use this opportunity to attack the Tokyo settlements. Suzaku heads to the site to save Euphemia, but he is shocked at what he sees there.

The battle that will determine the future of Area 11 and Japan has begun.

"The Collapsing Stage"
With Euphemia’s betrayal at the Special Administrative Zone of Japan, Zero finds his ranks swelling with the newly disenfranchised populous of Area 11. A grand march to the Tokyo Settlement soon begins and as the Black Knights arrive the rebellion begins in earnest. As Cornelia begins fortifying the settlement a sudden tremor rumbles as the floor is literally drawn out from under her, thanks to Lelouch’s careful planning, foresight and the power of his Geass.

Having learned the truth of Zero’s Geass, Suzaku sets out to find his enemy amongst the carnage of the battlefield. When the two finally face one another will Suzaku be able to overcome Kallen to finally face Zero? Will Zero liberate Japan and finally face his father?

As chaos engulfs the Tokyo Settlement, Lelouch confronts Cornelia atop the government building, but before he can receive the answers he seeks C.C. delivers news of Nunnaly’s capture. En route to locate his missing sister, Lelouch encounters the Knight Giga Fortress Siegfried, piloted by an enraged Jeremiah.

Meanwhile, Suzaku finds himself at the mercy of the Black Knights, trapped inside a now disabled Lancelot. When the Ashford Student Council is in danger what will Suzaku do to save them?

 Season 2


The Day a Demon Awakens                                                                 It's been a year since the "Black Rebellion," an uprising led by the "Black Knights." Tokyo Settlements, the location of the final battle, was starting to recover.

Lelouch Lamperouge was a normal student at Ashford Private Academy, spending his days running away from the P.E. teacher, Ms. Villetta.
One day, Lelouch goes to Babel Tower with his brother Rolo to play gambling chess. Above the tower is an aircraft approaching, one with C.C. and Urabe leading the Black Knights to carry out a mission


Plan for Independent Japan                                                                                   What happened at Kamine Island between Lelouch and Suzaku? The secret behind Lelouch's change in behavior is revealed!!

Inside the Babel Tower, a battle was going on. A mysterious Knightmare appears in front of the Black Knights, and they are in a bind as it shows menacing skills. What will become of Lelouch's destiny!?


Imprisoned in Campus                                                                                                     The Black Knights were able to escape the Babel Tower. And Zero returned, and announced the creation of the "United States of Japan"!

To counteract, the Britannian Forces threaten to execute the arrested members of the Black Knights. There is only a little time left to save them. But Lelouch is constantly being watched, and he can't act! That is when Lelouch decides to do something surprising...


Counterattack at the Gallows                                                                                 Lelouch makes a deal with Rolo when he finds himself cornered.

Meanwhile, the execution time is nearing, and the situation is worse than ever. Guilford is about to order for the execution to begin when finally, Zero shows up!


Knights of the Round                                                                                              Suzaku Kururugi reappears at the Ashford Private Academy again. Now a Knight the Seventh, he is a bigger threat than before. Milly plans a welcoming party for him while two other Knights of the Round, Gino and Anya, show up. What will happen at the Academy!?


Suprise Attack over the Pacific

The Black Knights launch a surprise attack over the Pacific to seize the new viceroy of Area 11. The air fleet took the revived Zero lightly and it seems that the Black Knights have a total victory when air combat Knightmares appear. Furthermore, Lancelot Conquista, equipped with new weapons and armor, joins in! What action will Zero take amidst the confusion!?
The Abandoned Mask                                                                         Lelouch loses the will to fight and wanders the city. Will he abandon his persona as Zero? And what does he see at the empty Ashford Private Academy?
At the same time, Suzaku closes in on the Black Knights who entered Tokyo Bay! Will Zero and the Black Knights be annihilated!?
One Million Miracles                                                                               The "Specially Administrated Zone of Nippon" is founded by the new viceroy. For the Elevens, it is a reminder of the massacre perpetrated by Britannia. Why is the new viceroy doing this again? Is the history of the bloody princess going to be repeated? And what is the surprising deal Zero offers to Suzaku? (And what are the "one million miracles"?)
A Bride in the Vermillion Forbidden City                                                          Zero and the Black Knights meet with the Chinese Federation to continue their world strategy. The EU is getting weaker due to Brittania's actions; so grabbing hold of the last remaining large country is key to fighting Britannia. The center of the country is the Forbidden City. Within its walls, conspiracies are plotted as a feast takes place. And Zero makes a surprise appearance!
When Shen Hu Wins Glory                                                                 Between Britannia and the High Eunuchs, the people of the Chinese Federation are thrown into confusion. And the battlefield is also a swirl of events. Friends and foes appear and reappear and no one knows what will happen next. But just then, the ultimate Knightmare Frame "Shen Hu" comes into play! Who will be its first prey!?
Power Of Passion                                                                                Zero and the Black Knights kidnap the symbol of the Chinese Federation, Tien Zi, but Li Xingke and Britannia put up a good fight and force them into the Tiandi Bashiba Ling. Slowly but surely the Black Knights are cornered. To further complicate matters, the High Eunuchs were planning to kill Tien Zi and Xingke. How will Zero resolve this dilemma!?
Love Attack!                                                                                        Lelouch returns from the Chinese Federation and is appalled at the mess Sayoko has gotten him into.
And finally, Milly decides to graduate! To celebrate the occasion, she declares an official "Cupid Day." The battle to become Lelouch's girlfriend begins!!
Assasin from the Past                                                                        Jeremiah Gottwald, who was revived thanks to V.V., appears in the Tokyo Settlements.Is he here to assassinate Lelouch!? How will Rolo and Lelouch defend against his new power!?
Geass Hunt                                                                                                                      Shirley is dead. Her destiny was tossed around by the power of Geass, and she dies because of Geass. Lelouch decides to crush the Geass Organization in order to avenge her death.
He obtains information from Rolo and Jeremiah and invades the organization's headquarters. There, he faces V.V.! The fierce battle between Lelouch and the mysterious boy who has the same power as C.C. begins!!
The C's World                                                                                      Lelouch accidentally steps into the mysterious dimension known as "C's World" during his battle with V.V. There, Lelouch faces his strongest and final enemy!

But the enemy obtained a power far greater than Lelouch could imagine, and Lelouch finds himself in a bind. Then another figure appears before him...
What is the true secret of Geass!?
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