The Characters of Code Geass

Lelouch Lamperouge
A normal student who attends the Ashford Private Academy in Area 11. He is one of the members of the student council. He has a sharp mind and is brilliant in games such as chess.

A mysterious girl Lelouch meets.
She looks like she’s a teenager, but everything about her is unknown. 

Suzaku Kururugi
Although he is an Eleven, he is part of the Britannian Forces as an honorary Britannian. His skills as a soldier are first-class, but his pure intentions and tendency to believe in the goodwill of others does create a burden for him at times.  Unlike Lelouch who is trying to crush the Britannia Empire, he strives to restructure the system from the inside.  

Nunnally Lamperouge
Lelouch’s little sister. She lost her sight and mobility in an accident sometime ago. She is a Britannian, but she calls the Elevens by their true name, as “Japanese.”  

Cornelia Li Britannia
The second princess of the Britannia Empire. After Clovis is assassinated, she is appointed as governor of Area 11. She has two loyal confidantes; Andreas Darlton and Gilbert G.P. Guilford.  

Euphemia Li Britannia
The third princess of the Britannia Empire. Since she is a student, she has not shown her presence in politics until now.
She has a noble spirit and has a high vision for a better world. 

Charles Zi Britannia
The Emperor of Britannia Empire. He assigns his heirs to govern the different Areas of the world. 

When Lelouch obtains the power of “Geass” and decides to use it to start a revolution in the Britannia Empire, he becomes the revolutionary known as Zero.

The Black Knights
Formed from a smaller resistance Group, The Black Knights eventually become part of the anti-Britannia organization created by the revolutionary known as “Zero.” They have the support of Kyoto, an organization that assists anti-Britannia groups around Japan. After the collapse of the Japan Liberation Front, they join forces with the remnant's to build a bigger organization.  

Kallen Stadtfeld
A girl who is part of an illegal rebellion movement against the Britannia Empire. She is very feisty; she can operate a Knightmare Frame and has knowledge in martial arts as well. However, she pretends to be sickly at Ashford Academy.  

 Kyoshiro Todoh 
A legendary general who never lost during the war against Britannia 7 years ago. He becomes part of the anti-Britannia organization, the Japan Liberation Front, after Japan is occupied.

The Four Holy Swords
An elite group of formerly of Japan who fought alongside Tohdoh in the war against Britannia 7 years ago.  After occupation, they were part of the Japan Liberation Front, but after it collapsed they joined the Black Knights.  

Kaname Ohgi
The leader of the small resistance group Kallen is in.
He was a friend of Kallen’s late brother.

Kaguya Sumeragi
The young head of the Kyoto Six, an organization that unifies the resistance groups. 

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